Where to start with planning exceptional onboarding

Did you know a great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82 percent?

Glassdoor found that organizations with a strong onboarding process not only improve new hire retention by 82 percent but also elevate productivity by over 70 percent. Moreover, Digtate found that employees who had a negative onboarding experience are twice as likely to look for other career opportunities. Undoubtedly, the onboarding experience is one that you want to get right for your new hires in order to consistently build a stronger team.

What is onboarding?

Onboarding is the act of welcoming a new employee to the team and supporting their needs as they get up to speed in their new role. It is the introduction the new hire receives from the start of their relationship with your organization.

Though often viewed as a process that begins (and ends) on the new hire’s first day, an exceptional onboarding process will actually begin prior to the applicant’s interview and will end when they are up to speed in their new role. This is why it is important to have a complete Learning Roadmap plotted out before you begin the hiring process. This is a long-term plan developed and customized for an employee to outline the professional development and training they will engage in, to learn and develop their skills.

Painting the picture of a well-prepared and well-organized team and showing the new hire that they will be supported as they learn, will motivate them to maximize their performance from day one.

Getting started

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